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Canada 150

In 2017, we celebrated Canada‘s 150th Anniversary with a special project to tell the amazing history of Canmore’s unique area by creating a Special Edition Canada 150 Chocolate Bar series.

Each bar celebrated a piece of our local history, and on the inside of each of our four wrappers, we shared a story about what makes our valley so special.

This gallery show the bars and the stories.

Milk Take A Hike

Canmore, Alberta and its surrounding Rocky Mountain playground have long been popular with tourists, fishermen, campers and hikers. Founded in 1883, Canmore is just 16 years younger than Canada itself. Today, the area is known as a special tourist destination, and hosts visitors from around the globe who come here to seek adventures of their own. This wrapper’s photo features Violet Thelen enjoying a high mountain view in the 1920s.

As you get out and explore our wonderful home town, take a Le Chocolatier Milk Take A Hike chocolate bar with you on your adventures.

Photo Credit: Linda Brett

Canmore Mountain Treat

Canmore, Alberta is nestled among many spectacular mountain peaks that are part of the grand North American Rocky Mountain range. Canmore’s signature trio of peaks, The Three Sisters, is 2,936 metres (9,630 feet) at the highest point (the Big Sister). The first ascent of the Big Sister occurred in 1887. Whether you are hiking or simply passing through, like the Cote family and friends in 1939 pictured on the front of this wrapper, the Three Sisters provide a stunning backdrop for photos.

As you get out and discover our wonderful home town of Canmore, take a Le Chocolatier Canmore Mountain Treat chocolate bar with you to fuel your own explorations.

Photo Credit: Linda Brett

Dark Almond Avalanche

High in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, snow-packed mountain peaks provide a stunning view. The view of the Valley of the Ten Peaks near Lake Louise (Alberta) in 1925 pictured on the front of this wrapper is a classic of this area. However, these high alpine areas can be dangerous places. Avalanches pose a significant threat to skiers and ice climbers in the winter months. Today, for the safety of all explorers, Parks Canada publishes Public Avalanche Forecasts for Canada’s mountain national parks, and Avalanche Canada provides avalanche training. Talk about ‘higher education’!

Our Le Chocolatier Dark Almond Avalanche chocolate bar cascades with roasted almond slivers to fuel your mountain journey.

Photo Credit: Linda Brett

Coal Mine

Canmore, Alberta was founded in 1883 when the Canadian Pacific Railway established a divisional point in the Bow Valley. In 1887, Canmore’s first coal mine (No. 1 Mine) was built just below Ha Ling Peak. ‘The Tipple’, shown on the front of this wrapper, is Canmore’s No. 2 Mine during the 1920s. The No. 2 Mine opened in 1903 and operated until the 1940s extracting high-quality coal from the seams on our valley’s north side. Coal mines operated in Canmore until 1979. Since then, other opportunities such as tourism and the arts have emerged in our unique mountain town.

Our Le Chocolatier Coal Mine chocolate bar honours our local town’s history with 56% dark chocolate, balancing the sweet with the bitter.

Photo Credit: Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre.

Visit the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre to experience the town’s unique mountain and mining history.